Telling friends and family you’re pregnant is, perhaps, one of the most exciting pieces of news you’ll get to share! Of course you want everything to be exactly perfect and pristinely planned right down to the reactions. I poured through Pinterest for several days leading up to our announcements to figure out the best way to tell each member of our family. Eventually I ended up coming up with my own ideas for our pregnancy reveal.

1. My Husband
The gift I gave my husband for our pregnancy reveal.

I actually told my husband we were expecting around the time of our anniversary. It was actually a few days past because I wanted to have a definite positive (the first few I took were faint positives). So I told him I was getting him something for our anniversary but he’d have to wait.

My original plan was to buy the book “Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA” by Jimmy Fallon but I could only find it on Amazon and I share an account with my mom so it would have ruined the surprise. Instead I bought these sweet books I found perusing the aisles.

The books I used in my husband's pregnancy reveal.

I used my Cricut to cut out some iron on vinyl to make a little onesie to throw in so he wouldn’t be totally confused and then I arranged the 4 (yes, 4!) pregnancy tests I had taken around the books. I threw everything in a little bin that we can reuse, because I’m not wasteful, and gave that to him to open.

The onesie I made in progress.

I have a video of the whole pregnancy reveal, but I think that’s something I’ll keep to just myself for a little while as a special memory. It definitely took him a moment to realize what was happening and he was still in shock for a while (honestly, there are days I think he still is in shock!).

Seth’s Family

We knew we would have to do some form of a group text for Seth’s family because there are so many of them and there was no way everyone would be in one place any time soon. So I simply sent a short message with this photo attached to let them know we were adding one more Deeren to the crew.

A onesie that says "hi" with a positive pregnancy test.
My parents

For my mom and step dad I decided to set up a little game for them because that’s really just the type of people they are. Unfortunately I only have a video of our pregnancy reveal for them and no photos. Here’s how we did it!

  • The set up – We got 2 empty boxes and cut wholes in the bottom. Placing them on the table on their sides so the opening was facing out which allowed for us to place items in the boxes.
  • Play – We blindfolded both of them and had them guess a bunch of random things like pinecones, oranges, acorns, etc.
  • The reveal – The last things we had them guess was the pregnancy test and onesie. I gave the onesie to my stepdad because I thought it would be awkward to give him something I peed on.
  • The oops – Well, I didn’t think this one through completely because my mom ended up taking off the cap to the test (in hindsight I would have glued or taped it on!).
  • The guesses – Okay, this was the best part because hearing them try to guess the items was hilarious. My step dad kept guessing dog sweater for the onesie and even knew where the whole was for the tail. My mom ended up guessing the test as some type of kitchen utensil.

All in all, they were really good sports and this was a fun way for me us to tell them a new little one was joining the family.

For my dad we did something slightly different, because we don’t see him all that often with him living roughly an hour away we took advantage of a day he came up to help my brother in law put in a horse shoe pit. I decided to make him a card and tell him I hadn’t had a chance to give him his father’s day card (it was July by this point).

I failed to consider that, much like me, my dad wouldn’t want to open a card right in front of everyone so after I gave it to him he set it on the front seat of his truck and carried on. We sat through my nephew’s t-ball game and then he read it alone in his truck before we left, thankfully!

My sisters

For my oldest sister I knew we would use my nephews for the pregnancy reveal, I just wasn’t sure how. So I turned back to my Cricut and got to work.

Three shirts that say "Cousin #1" "Cousin #2" and "Cousin #3 coming soon."

It was really funny to see how the boys reacted to these shirts because the youngest (5) kept saying “I don’t get it.” But his older brother (8) was very excited!

I made yet another shirt for my other sister, and hers is definitely more of an inside joke! She’s my cousin but my family adopted her when we were 16, so we always used to call each other ‘cousin sister bestfriend.’ Now we get to add a title onto that long running joke!

T-shirt reading "Cousin, sister, best friend, aunt."

I wanted each person’s pregnancy reveal to feel tailored and personalized to just them (or their family) and I think I did that pretty successfully. My nephew still doesn’t understand why he got a shirt now, the baby isn’t even here yet! But it was fun to surprise everyone nonetheless. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own baby reveals or just like seeing what ways other people did it, I hope you had as much fun reading as I did sharing these.

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