When we first moved in to our home I had a lot of DIY home projects in mind. Of course, time and money restrictions only allowed us to tackle so many at a time. But of those few we have gotten through I’ve learned a lot! Here are the five things you need to know before starting your very own DIY home project.

1. It will probably cost more than you think

I know that blog you read on Pinterest said you could DIY this for only $50, but there is a lot to consider. If your space is bigger than the person who wrote that you will be paying more. Also depending on where you shop and where in the world you are located could change the price as well. So before you start any DIY home project make sure you are over estimating for your budget, and if you don’t end up using all the money you budgeted then good for you, but at least you were prepared!

2. You will spend more time in the store than actually working on the project

You might think you have everything you need but I can assure you, you do not. Whether it’s some extra product you didn’t know you would need, a tool you forgot (or one that broke!), you will be taking little annoying trips to the hardware store several times throughout. My advice to hep you avoid this as best as possible, know what tools you have and what you need. Tools are always the thing we find ourselves needing, especially phillips head tips for our screw driver or drill. If you are new homeowners you might not have amassed a large collection of tools, but I can promise you will if you’re tacking some home projects.

3. Expect things to go terribly wrong

This might sound dramatic (but that’s just who I am as a person) also it’s kind of not. Every time we have done something in the house and expected it to go smoothly, it hasn’t! There is always some weird quirk that throws off things. If your house is old it has probably settled and the walls and floors are no longer perfectly level and even. That’s going to mess with your measurements. If things were custom built into the house, as was the case with many things in our home, you will have a difficult time updating them as is.

4. Be adaptable

Our first big DIY home project was our kitchen. When we moved in it had yellowish green laminate in the kitchen as counter and back splash. The cupboards were all knotty pine, there was an old oven in the wall and electric coil cooktop. I tried a lot of quick fixes for the color, including painting with countertop paint. I didn’t love it. So we bought new counters from a bargain home store. We got it all home only to realize our one counter wasn’t standard depth (facepalm). We didn’t dwell on it, though! We just started brainstorming ways to fix this mistake. The same thing happened with our recent bathroom renovation.

5. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional or creative

I find myself getting stuck if I can’t find one of my ideas already on Pinterest. If no one has done it before (or publicly told the world they’ve done it) I always feel like it won’t work. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try your own crazy ideas! They might turn out to be the most amazing thing or a total dud. It’s a risk but you’ll either get something to turn out awesome or you’ll at least learn something new!

Now go forth and fearlessly tackle your own DIY home project. I know you can do it!

Five things to know before doing a DIY home project
Five things to know before doing a DIY home projectv
Five things to know before doing a DIY home project

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